JJR is a family abbreviation which has been passed down 4 generations.  JJR Consulting represents those traditions, family values and core beliefs.  The owner and founder is proud to carry that on to help and inspire those along the way.  Justin J. Rose has lived and worked on three different continents (North America, Asia and Europe) over the last 15 years coaching and consulting many companies, professionals, soccer clubs, athletes and students. Degrees in International Marketing and Psychology combined with advanced knowledge and certificates in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Intercultural Training and Fitness, his clients benefit from a well-rounded approach towards achieving desired results.

Global experience provides value in coaching businesses.  As the world is getting smaller, companies want to expand their product set globally. To be successful launching products globally, companies and organizations need to understand the global market; each unique aspect of the culture, demand, supply, and how each culture is influenced.

For the last 9 years Justin J. Rose has worked closely with the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) on a weekly basis as a business coach and consultant.  This also includes working with their foundation (Bundesliga Stiftung) as well as other subsidiaries such as DFL Sports Enterprises and Digital Sports which are responsible for all national and international sponsoring, licensing and media rights.  Other “Top 50 German Companies” clients’ industries include retail, finance and investment, law, technology and fitness.

Globally, soccer connects.  By leveraging soccer and culture, companies can expand their product set with trusted partners.  While increasing your footprint overnight and increasing revenue on average by 31%, companies can quickly leverage JJR Consulting to ensure that you understand the global market and how and why your key prospects will buy.  Current Clients and Partners

In addition to helping corporations increase their revenue globally, Justin has also had the opportunity of helping many German and American youth and adults travel abroad and experience other cultures by facilitating student-athlete exchange programs, internships, German soccer experience and professional tryouts.

Current projects include the and his Social Enterprise